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is a discussion forum held every month as a forum for gathering with manufacturing industry stakeholders (government, academics, and manufacturing practitioners in Indonesia) to discuss and provide insight to audiences regarding the challenges and opportunities of manufacturing industry in the face of 2018.

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#ICITalks Vol.1 2019


Workforce Excellence : Optimizing Employee Experience


In this “digitalized” era, businesses all over the world are racing to implement digital transformation as part of their improvement initiatives to achieve Operational Excellence. These initiatives were even initiated and encouraged by the state. By 2018, there are many manufacturing companies in different countries change their strategy focus towards technological transformation. This “4th Industrial Revolution” is moving forward rapidly with various names; Smart Manufacturing in the United States, Industry 4.0 in Germany, and Made in China 2025 in China. In an ecosystem that is getting more digitally interconnected, those “improvement tools” enable manufacturers to compete faster, more efficient and sustainable in a market that demands rapid and continuous innovations. How to treat and mantain employee engagement through changes in the workplace? How it impact the organization and employess? These points will be the main subjects in #ICITalks Vol.1 that will be held on June 18th, 2019.

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